Stomach Cancer Survivor: Escape From The Tentacles Of Anti-cancer Drug

Shiga County, Lady Takada, 58


It was at the end of 1998 that I knew Mother had stomach cancer. It was unexpected that Mother, who remained so energetic no matter what the illness she may have caught, was found to have cancer during her physical examination. It showed that Mother’s cancer had developed to the third stage and the doctor declared that she only had one year. We no longer revealed this information to her and told her that she only had ulcer and that an operation may be performed to remove three fourths of her stomach and the surrounding lymph glands.

Although the doctor suggested an operation, I was still sure that there were other medicines that could prolong her life without all the sufferings that the western medical treatments may cause. As I was searching for any kind of medicine, a friend introduced Tian Xian liquid to me. Without delay, I let Mother take the liquid for one week before the scheduled operation.

Since Mother was never told of her affliction, she did not drink the Tian Xian liquid for almost half a year. When the cancer cells spread to her pelvis, we had to tell her the truth so she would help us fight her disease. Mother decided there and then to rely on Tian Xian liquid and to drink it immediately.

Soon after the cancer cells metastasized to her ovary, Mother had her ovaries removed. While receiving intravenous injection with anti-cancer drug, she not only maintained her strength but also recovered quickly. This surprised the doctor in charge because generally, the side effects of anti-cancer drugs could cause the weakening of the immune system and the physical strength. Mother, on the other hand, can still carry out light housework and did not even lose her appetite. Mother and all our family members thank Tian Xian liquid. I think it would be another situation if we only relied on western medicine.

Up till now, Mother continues to drink 4 bottles of Tian Xian liquid every day. The doctor missed on his death sentence on Mother. She lives up to now with the help of Tian Xian liquid. Of course, it does not mean that there is no likelihood of another attack in the future, but my mother and I have pledged to survive it together.