Stomach Cancer Survivor: Believing Is The Best Treatment

Tokyo, Mr. Nosaki, 65


On June 7, 1999, while undergoing regular medical check-up, the doctor felt there was something wrong with my internal organs and ordered further tests. I was hit with horrible news afterwards.

The next day, I took the X-ray photo that showed something wrong and went to see Professor G, a surgeon, in the hospital attached to K University. He diagnosed the situation as “progressive stomach cancer” and suggested surgery right away. I realized that to defeat the disease, a close relationship must be established between doctor and patient so I decided to heed his advice.

Although I could not imagine how powerful cancer is, I knew it was increasing per second in my body. The result could be unimaginable if nothing was quickly done to stop it.

On top of the medical treatments, I also chose to drink Tian Xian liquid after a thorough study of the product. Traditional Chinese medicine differs from western medicine in that it produces dramatic effects on certain symptoms and emphasizes the improvement of the physique and reduction of side effects.

I thought if the doctor said that anti-cancer treatment was necessary, I should drink Tian Xian liquid beforehand to alleviate the side effects. I had hoped too that some dramatic effect would occur or maybe the tumor would be found to have reduced so that operation may become unnecessary. These were all possibilities. I proceeded to drink the Tian Xian liquid four times a day.

As I was in the hospital, I have informed the doctor-in-charge that I was drinking Tian Xian liquid and got his permission. Then, I continued to drink the liquid till the night before the operation. Altogether, I drank Tian Xian liquid for 22 days. I had hoped that during the pre-operation check-up, I would be told that the tumor had disappeared or, at least, reduced. In fact, I was disappointed.

I still believed, though, that Tian Xian liquid could more or less prevent the growth of the tumor and assist in the successful completion of the operation. The doctor said that the lymph test after the operation showed the cancer cells did not spread to the 55 lymph nodes that had been cut off and blood test also did not show any trace of metastasis. The results, in short, were better than expected.

I took it for granted that since the tumor had been removed, cancer cells, too, disappeared. I really did not want again to be caught unaware for I had paid a high price in terms of pain and worry.

Now, I know it is not due to the successful operation that the cancer cells did not metastasized. I believe it should be attributed to Tian Xian liquid, which fought against the cancer cells in my body.

After the operation, I walked around to quicken the healing of my wound. Not long after, I could take liquid food again, taking it five times a day to maintain the function of my digestive organ. It was not easy, I also had to avoid over-eating, which would lead to reverse flow. I had to pay attention on my diet, not eating any indigestible food which could cause obstruction. As I was about to leave the hospital, the nutritionist told me repeatedly to follow the principles of proper diet but I did not expect having difficulties in abiding by them.

I was released from the hospital three weeks after the operation and resumed drinking Tian Xian liquid four times a day. It exerted great effort to take it at fixed hours but the time was calculated according to my physiological response. To successfully defeat cancer, I should stick to the schedule.

Drinking Tian Xian liquid, I feel a sense of comfort from the bottom of my heart. It is very important to choose the most suitable one from various anti-cancer medicines available in the market, believe it, and take it under instructions. The kind of Tian Xian liquid I take is the Strong Chine No. 1 Tian Xian liquid. Some patients find it difficult to drink. As for me, maybe I am a little obtuse; neither do I taste its flavor nor feel that I am taking medicine but rather some nutritious juice. In other words, I do not react violently against it.

After I was released from the hospital, I found the book “Mother is stupid and I suffer from Cancer” (written by Guan Gen Jin and published by Ri Jing BB Publishing House). Most people may have read this book, which gives account about one’s fight against esophagus cancer in the form of a diary. It is quite meaningful to a cancer patient and members of his family. Tian Xian liquid is also mentioned in the book.

During the author’s stay in the hospital for esophagus cancer, he obtained much information about cancer from the Internet, relatives and friends and finally chose SOD, which is advocated by Dr. Tu Zuo Qing Shui Dan Yu and Tian Xian liquid by Dr. Wang Zhengguo. As he received treatment in the hospital, he also took the above two medicines. As a result, the tumor reduced in size and finally disappeared. He later refused the operation and returned home well.

Recently, Mr. Guan Gen published the sequel “Cancer is the Fate and Recovery is the Destiny” (Sun Planning Publishing House). The book not only gave a detailed introduction to Tian Xian liquid, but also described the author’s visit to the research institution of Dr. Wang Zhengguo in Chang Bai Mountain. We are moved by his actions and feel his courage in the face of cancer by reading the book. For patients who drink Tian Xian liquid, Mr. Guan Gen serves as a great inspiration. It is one year since my operation and there has been no sign of another attack nor metastasis. Six months ago, I reduced the amount of Tian Xian liquid to two times a day just for prevention. I sincerely hope that I can recover successfully and keep cancer away.