Rectum Cancer Survivor: “Effect of Tian Xian Liquid is Amazing”

Mr. Zhang Geng Min, 75

Autumn of 1996, the size of my stool began to get progressively smaller. I had a very uncomfortable bowel problem that make extreme pain to have a bowel movement. My condition worsened in February and I discovered blood in my stool. I went to have a check-up at the hospital. After various examination, the doctor told me it was ulcerous rectum cancer.

I underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy for 2 months. I was released from the hospital when the signs and symptoms stopped. However, the rectum cancer recurred in 1998 and an endoscopy examination showed that the tumor had grown. It was confirmed by the CEA 7 mg/ml.

…I was too old for surgery.
My family was very worried…

However, I was too old for a surgery. My family was very worried so they bought me Tian Xian Liquid, Tian Xian Capsule and the Tian Xian Suppository. It was recommended by a herbal doctor.

I began to use them and in about three months, my bowel movements improved and the blood in my stool disappeared. A CT scan taken last January 1999 showed that the tumor was gone and CEA turned negative. I continued to use Tian Xian Liquid and Suppository. It has been three years now since I was diagnosed with cancer and there are no sign of recurrence.

…a CT scan taken last January ’99.
showed that the tumor was gone

Tian Xian Liquid is my savior, I am healthier than ever before.