Colon Cancer Survivor: William Ackerman’s Story

Rectal Cancer SurvivorWilliam Ackerman (Florida, USA)

I found a cyst at the bottom of my spine in August of 2006. I went to see the doctor and he noticed the signs of myocardial tremble of my heart. Though it didn’t cause my life to be in danger immediately, the side effect would cause blood concentration. So, I had to take medicine, which was an anticoagulant to lower the risk of apoplexy.

When I took these medicines, I noticed there was blood in my defecation. My doctor said that I should go to an expert on the intestine and stomach and it was confirmed that I have cancer in my colon and rectum after taking a series of medical tests. Because I haven’t had a colonscopy examination in years, the cancer was at stage 3b, which meant there was a big chance that it would spread to other organs.

I was very restless. Before the diagnosis, I have been concentrating on my job as a public security consultant. I needed to travel to different places in the world to work, and now I had to face the doctor in the hospital for endless treatment procedures like chemotherapy and radiotherapy almost every day. These were a burden to me, but still I had a positive attitude and believed that I would recover. My wife and my sister continued looking for alternative medicines that could help me with my condition.

“Four months later, when I went back to the hospital for the examination before surgery, my doctor was surprised to find out that the big tumor of mine was gone.”

I started to see a doctor who knows acupuncture and moxibustion and I took natural medication from the Orient to fight cancer. I was lucky that there are many Chinese people at the place where my sister works so that she knows some successful ways in China and Taiwan to cure cancer — that is “TIAN XIAN LIQUID.” After consideration, inquiry, and discussion, I decided to purchase it. About seven days later, I received “TIAN XIAN LIQUID,” which really meant something very special to me. I started taking it as recommended until I successfully survived surgery and chemotherapy; it took me about one and half a year.

The interesting part was that I took TIAN XIAN LIQUID at the same time as I was undergoing chemotherapy. Four months later, when I went back to the hospital for the examination before surgery, my doctor was surprised to find out that the big tumor of mine was gone. I continued taking western medicine to get rid of any lingering issues in the tumor area.

As of December 2006, I have had seven surgeries. After those surgeries, I started chemotherapy for another six months, and of course, I kept drinking “TIAN XIAN LIQUID” until the last examination of the treatment. I was so happy that the activeness of cancer cells was negative. In fact, I didn’t have much choice during the period of fighting cancer; what I could do was follow the instruction of the prescription of the doctor. I also took “TIAN XIAN LIQUID” at the same time to help my body fight cancer and prevent it from recurring. Now, it has been four years since the major surgery and there is no sign of relapse. I can still work and live as normal. But just in case, an  important routine of mine is to drink a bottle of “TIAN XIAN LIQUID” every day.