Rectal Cancer Survivor: Cancer Cells Stopped Spreading

Lei Bi Fang, 76 years old, female, Hong Kong, housewife

Both bloody stool and the spread of cancer cells stopped.

Three years ago, I suffered from bloody stool 3 to 4 times a day and it continued for 10 days. The doctor told me that I had rectal cancer. Although the doctor told me to have surgery, I didn’t do it but used my own treatment. I don’t like operations. I started taking Tian Xian Liquid two months after my diagnosis.

My disease has significantly improved after a few months of taking Tian Xian Liquid. The bloody stool was drastically reduced – virtually no trace of blood was left. Before taking the liquid, I had a poor appetite. It is now much improved. When I had an X-ray check-up at the hospital three months after taking Tian Xian Liquid, no tumor could be found. The doctor said, “The tumor is still there, but it is not diffusing.”

People said I looked better. I am very satisfied and grateful to Tian Xian Liquid.