Rectal Cancer Survivor: Improvement After Only One Month

Rectal Cancer Survivor - Bile Duct and Rectum Cancer Patient was able to leave the HospitalMr. Ooshima Kouichi (62, Japan)

In December 1997, I was told that I was suffering from portal hepatitis bile duct cancer and upper rectum cancer.

The doctor administered drainage treatment immediately. Surgery for the bile duct was impossible, so I tried chemotherapy but it was in vain. The doctor then told me that I could try radiotherapy as my last option. So I went to another hospital to receive radiotherapy in January 1998.

In April, I had surgery for my rectum cancer and, in May, the drainage treatment was stopped. I went home and in 2 weeks time and I had to return to the hospital for another drainage treatment.

At this time, I started to take Tian Xian Liquid regularly. I learned about it in a book and pamphlets provided by a friend. I started it on a trial basis.

“…I took my chances with Tian Xian Liquid.”

In July 1998, my family sent a me a tape of Mr. Wang’s speech in Japan (Mr. Wang is the inventor of Tian Xian Liquid). After listening carefully to the tape, I took my chances with Tian Xian Liquid.

The doctor told me that when the cancer has spread to the liver, I would not live long. My abdomen was already filled with water. I thought, if I don’t go home now, I might not have another chance so I immediately left the hospital.

“…the juandice production and water accumulation in my abdomen began to recede”

After consistent intake of Tian Xian Liquid for 1 month, the jaundice production and water accumulation in my abdomen began to recede. The drainage treatment wasn’t necessary after the fourth month.

Now a small bit of cancer remains in my body but the bile duct inflammation and liver functions are getting better.

This is indeed beyond my wildest dreams.