Rectal Cancer Survivor: A Miraculous Extension From 6 Months To 2 Years

Gaoxiong, Taiwan, Mrs. Huang, 57

In 1997, Mother was found to have rectal cancer. She went to the provincial hospital for her regular check-up because of serious diarrhea and apparent loss of appetite.

The doctor said that the cancer had worsened and that an operation appeared imminent. He also told us that Mother will not survive for more than six months, of course, we did not tell Mother about this.

Some time after Mother was admitted to the hospital, a friend brought to our attention the possibility of using Tian Xian liquid. Since the sister of the doctor in-charge also knew about this product. We thought that Tian Xian was among the medicine being recommended by the hospital and Mother started to take it.

Relatives and friends introduced many other kinds of medication and we considered Tian Xian liquid as just another ordinary medicine. Unexpectedly, this medicine manifested special effects. When Mother’s strength recovered slightly, she was allowed to leave the hospital. Soon, she was on the mend and returned to her normal life.

When flu spread at the beginning of this year, Mother was infected by it. The cancer cells then were discovered to have metastasized to many other parts of her body including the peritoneum, which led to intestinal obstruction. Mother, again, was unable to ingest any food.

Everyday as soon as I open my eyes, I pray to God to create a miracle for Mother’s sake. Western medicine could no longer help so we simply urge Mother to take Tian Xian liquid that her life may be prolonged. Unfortunately, she finally left us a month ago. Tian Xian liquid was the only medicine Mother took after leaving the hospital for the last time and we all believe that it helped prolong her life till now.

Half-year that the doctor predicted for her was stretched to two years. During this precious extension, my sister and I accompanied Mother day and night to enrich the remaining moments of her life. We are thankful to Tian Xian liquid and I think, Mother, who is now in heaven, shares the same opinion.