Pleurisy Survivor

“…In half a year’s time, I looked better and regained my appetite. The doctor discharged me from the hospital. Even though the ovary tumor didn’t change much, there was a reduction in the thoracic cavity and the ascites virtually did not exist anymore.’’ – Sato Hireko

To prevent a relapse, it is necessary to keep taking the medicine.

Disease: Carcinomatous Pleurisy

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with carcinomatous pleurisy caused by metastasis of oophorpma. The rehabilitation plan was to have chemotherapy and take out the oophorpma.

However, the outcome was disappointing. There was no sign of recovery at all. By that time, I had lost my appetite and looked pale. During my X-ray check-up, it was found that hydrops existed on two flanks of the thoracic cavity, a tumor of the ovary and ascites at the CT position of the abdomen. These were dangerous signs.

Under this situation, a friend of mine told me that she heard of a case where a cancer was cured due to a certain Chinese medicine. Her friend had middle-stage oophorpma that was cured by Tian Xian Liquid. I bought some to try as soon as possible.

As a result, in six months, I regained my health, my appetite and energy. I was discharged from the hospital. Even though there wasn’t much change on the ovary tumor, there was a reduction of thoracic cavity and the ascites virtually did not exist anymore.

Sato Hireko, 36 years old, female, Japan, housewife