Pancreatic Cancer Survivor: My Sincere Suggestions

Tokyo, Lady Kishima, 79

My mother passed away eight months after an operation. Nevertheless, I still want to write down my feelings to provide some reference for those hopeless patients.

When my mother was diagnosed as having stomach cancer, it had already metastasized to the large intestine and her pancreas. The operation removed the whole stomach and a large part of the pancreas and the large intestine. In other words, all the parts afflicted with tumors had to be taken out.

After the operation, Mother began to drink Tian Xian liquid through my aunt’s instigation. One month later, the nurse who took care of my mother asked curiously whether she was taking any medicine that could provide her body nutrition. It was obvious that Mother’s recovery was quickly being attained and she was released from the hospital. We all thought that it could be attributed to Tian Xian liquid, so Mother continued to drink this at home. As as result, the side effects of the anti-cancer drug were not apparent.

Her physical examination on the third month after leaving the hospital, however, showed that the cancer indicator shot through the chart. The doctor suggested taking concentrated anti-cancer drugs, which was a last recourse. Although, the violent side effects manifested in majority of the patients, the success rate of this kind of treatment is over 60%. Should we accept this solution or not? All the family member were troubled by having to make this decision but we all opted for this last chance for our mother. About one month later, Mother began to vomit terribly and suffered serious stomatitis such that she was unable to drink the Tian Xian liquid anymore.

Why did we not let her take the Tian Xian liquid non-stop? We regret this so much now! Although Mother began to drink the Tian Xian liquid upon leaving the hospital, it was then too late. She again had to go to the hospital as the side effects were still manifesting. This time, she was unable to come back home. Later, we found out that whenever Tian Xian liquid cannot be taken orally, it can be replaced by the Tian Xian suppository. Although we could not confirm the anti-cancer property of Tian Xian liquid in Mother’s case, it was an undeniable fact that she recovered her strength every time she would take Tian Xian liquid. Mother’s situation clearly showed that Tian Xian liquid mitigated the side effects of the anti-cancer drug of low density. However, when Mother started to received concentrated high density anti-cancer drug, side effects were no longer avoidable nor controllable. The shelves in the bookstores are line with information on experiences of miracles in defeating cancer, which mention such treatments as shark cartilage, water soluble KITOSAN, vitamin supplements, AGALIKS young pilose antler, loquant leaf, warm pressure treatment, etc. We had probably tried all the available medication but it was Tian Xian liquid that proved to be most effective among the traditional Chinese medicine. Unfortunately, a miracle was not meant for my mother. But, I still believe Tian Xian liquid is the only medicine that could have created that miracle.