Lymph Cancer Survivor

Lymph Cancer SurvivorMs. Yeung Er (China)

Doctor: She was recommended by the Love Heart Association of the A-Leh community. I was asked to diagnose her tumor. The result was two grains of lymph tumors (Lymph Cancer) were found in the right side of the neck and three in the left. I offered my services for free because she sufferred very hard. In the first period of treatment I asked her to take Tian Xian Liquid for the first 28 days. In every period of treatment, I traced and diagnosed the tumors in order to verify the effectiveness of the Tian Xian Liquid. The result showed that the size of the tumor decrease continuously. After taking the medicine for five periods of treatment, the result was completely satisfying.

The cured effect was confirmed in the hospital through Western means. So far, she has completely recovered from cancer.

The tumors were found in my thyroid gland. The size of the tumor is as large as a grain of peanut. The tumors were cut in surgery since they had spread to the thyroid gland. After surgery, I underwent Iodine Radiotherapy. I went to Chang Geng hospital for treatment as it wasn’t possible in Kee-Long. During the period of my treatment, my mouth was dry, my tongue was burning and my throat and neck was painful. My lips were also colored red. These side effect were removed by taking Tian Xian Liquid for a couple of days.