Lymph Cancer Survivor: Good Products Bring New Chances

Thailand, Ma Meiyu, 46

I went to the hospital due to the discomfort in my throat. The doctor’s diagnosis was slight inflammation and he gave me antiphlogistic. Although the discomfort did not disappear, I no longer sought further check-up because I was busy taking care of my husband and children.

In September 1995, I felt some itching at my neck as if I stung by a mosquito. I scratched the spot and drew blood. Since the bleeding would not stop, I had to go to the hospital where they found lymph tumor. An operation was performed two months after to remove two of three confirmed tumors. The other one could not be touched as it was near the artery.

Fortunately, my husband works for a government office where we are able to live a better life and could afford traditional Chinese medicine even while undergoing chemical treatment. We got information from the Internet about Tian Xian liquid, a well-known traditional Chinese medicine. I went to a drugstore in Bangkok that happened to sell Tian Xian liquid and immediately drank the same. Despite signs of improvement, the pain from the chemical treatment grew more acute and the symptoms worsened. Even now, I can still feel my disappointment at that time! I did not even have the energy anymore to go to the drugstore to protest.

One day, I happened to read reports about Tian Xian liquid in a Hong Kong newspaper. While I was ready to dismiss it as I thought that it had no effect whatsoever on cancer, I noticed that the packaging in the photo that was used by the newspaper was very different from the packaging of the product that I bought from the drugstore. Besides, what was described in the newspaper was also different from my own experiences. After my husband made inquiries from a Hong Kong news agency, I was sure that the product I bought from Tang Ren Street was a fake. The Hong Kong newspaper also warned patients of countless fake Tian Xian products. I was then able to confirm cases when the real Tian Xian liquid cured cancer.

After I got the telephone number of the general agency of China No. 1 Tian Xian liquid, I placed an order directly from Hong Kong. The Tian Xian liquid delivered from Hong Kong looked the same as the one in the newspaper. This is the real Tian Xian liquid! As I previously expected, the effect also distinguished the fake from the real thing. The pain that troubled me incessantly disappeared after I took the product for a month. Six months later, the lymph tumor shrunk. Since I also underwent chemotherapy, the effect could not wholly be attributable to Tian Xian liquid. But I still dare say that Tian Xian liquid was absolutely effective.

When I thought that I had recovered sufficiently, I stopped drinking Tian Xian liquid and only relied on the chemical treatment. I immediately felt weakened and the disease took over with full force and pain recurred. The examination showed the tumor grew in size so I started to drink Tian Xian liquid again. After this experience, I know that I will never stop drinking Tian Xian liquid until I have completely recovered.

Now, I rely only on Tian Xian liquid and, depending on my physical condition, use Tian Xian suppository too. The lymph tumor had shrunk again and can no longer be palpitated.