Lymph Cancer Survivor: For Myself And My Wife, Never To Give Up

Taiwan, HuangQingbiao, 37

In April 1997, hard lumps appeared in my throat and under my left armpit. An examination in a nearby hospital diagnosed my condition as “chronic inflammation”. I did not take this seriously.

Six months later, hard lumps appeared in the lymph glands all over my body and my weight started to drop. I went to a hospital in Taipei for further examination.

The doctor’s diagnosis was lymph cancer of the fourth stage. When informed, I felt as if I were in a deep, dark cave and knew not what to do. Fortunately, my wife supported and encouraged me to seek chemical treatment, which guaranteed violent side effects. Vomiting and hair loss, however, tested my endurance but I tried my best to withstand the pain. Later tests showed that the cancer cells had already invaded the marrow. I felt so desperate and shocked.

At that time, a former colleague brought Tian Xian liquid for my use. After this introduction, I continued to take Tian Xian liquid and even added Tian Xian pills while undergoing chemical treatment. Though I still had my doubts about the efficacy of the Tian Xian products, I still continued with it. In the examinations in May and July 1998, the doctor in charge told me that the cancer cells in the marrow have surely disappeared completely. He, of course, attributed it to the chemical treatment while I was sure it was due to the Tian Xian liquid and pills.

Now, although cancer cells have kept away from me, the doctor still cautioned that the lymph cancer may attack again so I vow to continue to take my Tian Xian liquid and Tian Xian pills.

I am very happy that I have recovered my health and am actively alive. Aside from my wife’s moral support, I believe I owe my thanks to Tian Xian liquid.