Lymph Cancer Survivor: Face Death Courageously

Taiwan, Zeng Yuee, 32

Four years ago, a peanut-sized lump appeared in my throat. As it grew bigger, my voice turned more and more hoarse. I went to the Chang Gen Hospital near my home for a check-up and was told that it was a benign tumor. An operation was immediately performed to have the tumor removed. Afterwards, I had to undergo chemotherapy continuously, and my strength never recovered. I felt worst.


I was then a divorced professional woman with a six-year-old daughter and a nine-year-old son. Considering the future of my children, I hoped that the doctor could tell me what my real situation was. I knew then that I suffered from malignant lymph tumor. It was the fourth month since the operation and my mind felt blank. I even considered dying with my children! Like a nightmare I would never wake from…


A friend who studied traditional Chinese medicine told me of Tian Xian liquid after he found out about my disease. He sent the liquid for me to drink for one month. I began to take Tian Xian liquid as I underwent chemotherapy. About half a year later, the positive effects of Tian Xian liquid started to manifest. I, therefore, relied on this product solely from then on.


Four years have passed. In a recent examination this January, the doctor declared that all the cancer cells have disappeared. The disease is cured. I once gave up hope to live on, but now, for my two children, I am sure I will live a better life.