Lung Cancer Survivor: The Fortunes And Misfortunes Of Life Are Unpredictable

Tokyo, Lady Nakamura, 62

The threat of recurrence was hanging over me

I have always been confident of my health. Contrary to my expectations, I was found to have breast cancer in 1994 and the doctor proceeded to remove my right breast. I started to take hormone supplements afterwards but I stopped after two years.

In April 1999, examinations showed that the cancer has metastasized to the lungs. Tomography suggested that cancer cells were in the shape of spore and there was something else in the chest. The doctor said that both operation and radiation are impossible. In June, after anti-cancer drug treatments for 3 times, almost all my hair dropped off. Although nothing seemed to be wrong with my body, I was under extreme pressure. I was worried about the doctor’s perfunctory usage of anti-cancer drugs and hormones to stop metastasis. Restlessly, I had to rely on myself to search for relevant information on possible cures.

Since I believed that “cancer research originated in China” and my husband’s recommended the book “Fighting against Cancer”, I immediately took Tian Xian liquid and Tian Xian pills. In September, X-ray results were satisfactory and the tumor sign went down to 45. Both the doctor and I were surprised at this fact. Since I had tried several other medicines and stopped Tian Xian liquid, the tumor sign again rose to 49. To prevent further deterioration of my health, I began to take Tian Xian liquid and Tian Xian pills again from November 24.

In January this year, the tumor sign read 44 again. After tomography, the doctor was convinced that there were no cancer cells anymore. Shortly thereafter, the tumor sign turned normal.

Now, my hair has grown back and my physical and mental states have returned to normal. I always think that had there been no Tian Xian liquid or had I caught the disease 10 years before, everything would have been different.