Lung Cancer Survivor: Never To Give Up Easily

Tokyo, Lady Ishikawa, 67

Unable to bear the violent side effects

My wife was diagnosed with lung cancer in July 1997 and an operation could not be performed. There followed a series of radiation and anti-cancer drug treatments. The doctor said that my wife would only live for another year.

After the fourth stage of the anti-cancer drug treatment in early October, violent side effects made her weak and unable to tolerate further treatments. The cancer cells, on the other hand, did not disappear and 20% was still left.

In late October, there were signs of another cancer attack so radiation was continued. According the an examination done in December, although the cancer cells had not been eliminated, only a shadow was left. My wife was then allowed to leave the hospital.

In May 1998, lung cancer manifested and affected her brain. She was in the hospital to undergo second stage anti-cancer drug treatment and radiation on the brain. It was finished in late June, but the cancer cells remained in her lung and brain. Considering my wife’s physical state by then, the doctor said treatments could not longer be carried out. In other words, the doctor had given up.

A miracle was achieved eventually!

Somehow, I got to know relevant information about Tian Xian liquid. After studying reports about it, I realized that it might be the traditional Chinese medicine that would be most effective to fight cancer with. What’s more, it does not harm the body! Since my wife suffered from pressure gastritis, I let her take only two bottles of Tian Xian liquid per day from late May to make sure that there will be no adverse effect on her stomach. In June, she began to drink 4 bottles per day. An examination in July showed that although cancer cells still existed in her lung, those in the brain disappeared.

Frankly speaking, Tian Xian liquid is not the only medicine we have tried. For my wife to recover fast, we bought almost all kinds of health foods and medicine that may have some kind of effect on cancer. These were, however, all useless. Only Tian Xian liquid proved to be true to its claims.

In the short period of one month, cancer cells that even radiation could not kill were reduced in number by the intake of Tian Xian liquid. It was so dramatic! What we can do is simply say thank you.