Lung Cancer Survivor: Iron-like Will Power

Chen Liangyi, 60
Taipei, Taiwan

An unacceptable blow

I always pay attention to my health because in my long-term military service, an annual physical examination was a must. I kept this habit even after retirement.

In May 1999, I often suffered from cold and cough so I went to the hospital to have an X-ray of my chest. The doctor told me that there was some abnormality and I had to go for more check-up. Eventually, he gave me a direct information. It was second stage lung cancer and it was developing rapidly. It was imperative in this kind of situation to have an operation immediately.

I accepted this fact and faced the problem like a good soldier. I felt no fear in my heart and was sure I could cope with the situation. Unlike other patients, it was I who comforted my wife and my children. Then, I went for the operation and accepted the doctor’s advice to go through chemotherapy. One third of the lobe of the lung was cut off but the doctor was not sure of eliminating the cancer cells completely. Chemotherapy started as soon as my strength recovered.

While I was waiting for chemotherapy, my eldest son heard of Tian Xian liquid from his friends. It was said that this product could alleviate the side effects of chemical treatment so my wife asked my son to secure the product immediately. Besides, my son said his friend’s mother also suffered from cancer. Since drinking Tian Xian liquid, no side effects seem to surface in the course of my chemotherapy. My pension, however, was only enough for our daily expenses and the money that need to be spent on the purchase of Tian Xian liquid would be a heavy burden on my son’s family. Besides, I had served in the army my entire life and surely I could tolerate the pain of operation, not to mention the side effects of chemical treatment. Thinking in this manner, I refused the kindness of my son.

After the first chemotherapy, however, I really felt so much discomfort. I was extremely tired and could not eat. I had lain in bed with not even strength to turn over. Disregarding my opposition, my son called the Hong Kong company to place an order for Tian Xian liquid and, at the same time, got instructions and suggestions. He told my wife to urge me to drink this medicine regularly. Thereafter, the side effects of chemotherapy disappeared and I successfully finished the first course of chemical treatment which lasted for 3 months.

I continued to take Tian Xian liquid up to now and I go to the hospital for regular check-ups.

Now, I take a walk every day and help my wife with housework. Sometimes, I play mahjong with my friends to stimulate my brain. I think Tian Xian liquid does have special effects. I believe that as long as I take Tian Xian liquid regularly and pay attention to the lifestyle I maintain, I can control the cancer cells remaining in my body. I can exist with cancer and lead a normal life. At such an old age, peaceful life is the greatest reward. I’d like to thank Tian Xian liquid for it has really helped me. I tell other patients whenever I go to the hospital that Tian Xian liquid is worth trying.