Lung Cancer Survivor: Greet The 21st Century With My Wife

Lung Cancer Survivor: Greet The 21st Century With My Wife

Fukushima County, Lady Namane, 55

Modern medicine could not help

In November 1999, my wife went to the hospital for an examination due to great pain on her shoulder. The doctor announced that there was a tumor of 1.5 cm at the lower part of her right lung. Since it was discovered early, there was no danger of death if only the tumor can be removed right away. In December, while my wife and I were waiting for the scheduled operation, the doctor in charge requested me to go to the hospital alone.

He explained to me that although the primary cancer is small, it is highly malignant and had metastasized to other parts of her body. Finally, he said that my wife would be lucky to live another year. I was overwhelmed at this news. I was dazed and almost fainted. After my wife’s surgery, there followed a series of anti-cancer drug treatments. It had to be stopped, however, because of the excruciating pain she suffered. The doctor commiserated with us and said that even modern medicine could not help some times.

I could not give up. I began to search for various kinds of prescriptions, collect health magazines and information from advertisements in the newspapers. I let my wife try all kinds of medicines which we may have heard of as effective. I got to know about Tian Xian liquid and bought the product for my wife.

From then on, my wife seemed exempted from the side effects of the anti-cancer drugs and we even managed to take a trip.

In fact, I did not reveal her real condition to my wife but only assured her that it was to prevent further cancer attack. My wife also waited to see the effects of Tian Xian liquid and took it regularly. She caught a terrible cold in November last year and this led to water accumulation in her right lung. In the hospital, she could not take in food and could not sleep because of the pain on the part that was operated on. Her back also bothered her incessantly and we had to rely only morphine to stop the pain. Further examinations showed that the cancers cells have spread to her ribs and caused the constant pain. Seeing my wife afflicted in such manner is a spiritual suffering beyond human description.

Now, we can only expect Tian Xian liquid to take effect. It is only hope that I may smell the air of the 21st century with my wife.