Lung Cancer Survivor: For My Family’s Sake, I Should Not Be Defeated

Lau Wai, 55
Hong Kong

I took traditional Chinese medicine behind the doctor’s back

I am addicted to sports so I could not imagine myself suffering from cancer. In September 1996, I went to the hospital for constant coughing. The examination showed that I had lung cancer. Although I objected to an operation, I could do nothing under the circumstances.

After I began to take Tian Xian liquid, my stamina improved and my hair grew back..

Four months later, without detailed explanation whatsoever, the doctor started chemotherapy and radiation treatment. This led to hair loss and weakened constitution but the doctor still insisted on both therapies. At that time, my son happened to access information about Tian Xian liquid on the Internet and urged me to take it. I did not oppose traditional Chinese medicine but the doctor in charge only believed in western medicine so I had to take Tian Xian liquid behind his back.

After I began to take Tian Xian liquid, my stamina improved and my hair grew back. In fact, the doctor was already suspecting that I was taking Tian Xian liquid but he would not admit that this traditional Chinese medicine could be so effective. He would rather credit my progress to the effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Combination of Chinese and western medicine must be the best cure

Since I began to use Tian Xian paste in June 1998, dramatic effects had been achieved. No only had the tumor in my lung shrunk, but my physical state also improved a great deal. I even resumed working. Because of the pain after the operation, I applied Tian Xian paste to relieve the pain. As a result, I only felt piercing pain randomly. Later, the doctor said that the tumor was brought under control and it was only necessary to have an examination once a month. The chemotherapy was likewise stopped.

In order to maintain my weight and health, I went to the Tian Xian agency not far from my home to learn more about recommended diet. Generally, I’d like to try anything that might help cure this illness. At the same time, the responsibility of providing for my family and my sense of obligation towards them give me extra resolve to survive.

I am lucky enough to be saved by Tian Xian liquid. I think that Chinese people originally did not discriminate against traditional Chinese medicine. If it can be combined effectively and beneficially with western medicine, then, more lives can be saved.