Lung Cancer Survivor: Bladder Cancer with a Liver & Lungs Metastatis Testimony

Wieslaw Dybala (age:70, Poland)

I’ve previously undergone surgery of the prostate. After one year, the doctors have found I had a bladder cancer. Following my surgeon advice, I underwent another surgery – a bladder resection. After half year of this surgery, a doctor assured and comforted me that there had been no metastasis of my cancer. I felt quite well until Christmas, when my condition had suddenly deteriorated. In practice, I’ve lost almost 15 kgs within a one-week time. After painstaking examinations, doctors found out numerous cancer metastasis in my liver & lungs.
I had a premonition that the end of my days are coming soon. I was not able to take care of myself. So my family started to take me to the oncology hospital. The hospital doctors tried to detoxify my body and get my blood test enabling me to undergo chemotherapy. Unfortunately all their efforts to do it had failed. In spite of my internal cleansing, the creatinine level in my blood was too high to let me start any chemotherapy. High creatinine level means there is an ongoing kidney failure.
Just then, my son who was searching for help in the internet had found information about Tian Xian Liquid. The description about the product & testimonies of cancer survivors seemed to be worth a try. In spite of his big financial problem to order TX medicines for me, he was able to generate enough funds to order. After consultation with Chinese doctor, thanks to the intermediary of Mr. Grzegorz – our domestic-Polish Tian Xian consultant, he had put the order for these medecines for the first part of my therapy.
I have left the hospital downhearted and without any hope. Without even one single medicine was prescribed by the doctors. My family had been informed that my end was near. The doctors could only suggest palliative care for me.

Fortunately, on my returning home from the hospital, a parcel with Tian Xian medicines had arrived. Because I was unfamiliar about Tian Xian, my son with my daughter-in-law, had convinced me to take these medicines. As I had not given up on continuing treatment in the oncologic hospital and after a week had retested my blood. The blood morphology test result, especially creatinine, has shown a dramatic improvement and was normal enabling me to be qualified to undergo chemotherapy.

But doctors were hesitant and decided to wait for another week to make sure. I’ve been told to return for the treatment a week later. After that week had lapse, my blood results qualified me to start the chemotherapy. My cardiologic examination has also shown good results and I was accepted to come back to hospital to start chemo treatment. Because I was still very weak, the doctors was still in doubts regarding starting my chemotherapy. But on the 4-th day of my stay in a hospital, they had finally decided to start it. After 3 weeks of taking Tian Xian Liquid & Tian Xian Capsules #6, my condition has improved so much, that I could start my clinical treatment.
I had already 4 chemotherapy cycles until now. The doctors decided to do another ultrasound and x-ray examinations before the 5-th one. Both test results showed no tumors in my liver could be found. There was only one small (slightly saturated 15 mm) change on one of my lung. Tests showed a substantial tumor regression of more than 50% compared to results made 3 and a half months earlier.

Doctors couldn’t believe seeing my tests results that my condition had improved so much. Now I have a good frame of mind, my blood tests are always good and without any problem I’m always qualified for the next chemotherapy course, my hair are not as thick as before, ..but I still have them on my head. Each day I start to feel much better, I’m fully energize with good appetite and gaining back my weight. I have a strong conviction that thanks to Tian Xian “I have returned from the bottom up” and still desire to live longer.

I’d like to give my best regards and to thank everybody, who had any contribution in creating, making, delivering of Tian Xian and helping me in consultation & importing of these medicines. I’m happy I could use Tian Xian products and I do believe that just these medicines had caused my unexpected recovery.

May, 2005