Lung Cancer Survivor: A Soldier’s Experience with Lung Cancer

A Soldier's Experience with Lung CancerMr. Jian Yong Guang (70, China)

A medical check up in April 1995 confirmed that I have stage 2 lung cancer. Immediate surgery was necessary or I would not live longer than 5 years, the doctor said.

The news was so sudden that no one in the family could accept the reality. I jog for 10 kilometers daily to keep my health in top condition and I do have regular medical check ups.

“…news was so sudden that no one in the family could accept the reality.”

I was a soldier before and I was never afraid to die. But when I learned that I have cancer, I kept asking, “Why me?” There were no apparent symptoms at all.

“Why me?”

I was then hospitalized and underwent surgery in May. Although they removed a part of my left lung, the surgery did not completely remove the cancer. The doctor then advised me to undergo chemotherapy to prevent it from spreading.

I refused, not because I`m afraid of death, but because I prefer to just wait for my time than undergo such treatment.

Later, I realized that I can accept death, but I can never surrender to cancer. My condition grew worse after the surgery. The wounds hurt badly and a lump was developed. I lost my energy, appetite, and weight.

“…my condition grew worst after the surgery.”

Then I heard that my friend’s wife (who had cancer before) was cured by a Chinese medicine, so I quickly looked into it. She explained the details of Tian Xian Liquid to me and because of her acquaintance with Mr. Wang, she could ask him about my condition directly.

Mr. Wang encouraged me, “Don`t feel hopeless, you can be cured!” He also sent me instructions on how to use Tian Xian Liquid and I began taking the treatment immediately.

The pain went away after using it for just a short time, but I began itching and had diarrhea for 2 months.

“…Honestly, I was beginning to doubt the efficiency of Tian Xian Liquid.”

Honestly, I was beginning to doubt the efficiency of Tian Xian Liquid. But, according to Mr. Wang, the condition I was in was normal and I did trust his opinion.

“…the cancer cells have dissapeared.”

An examination seven months after the surgery showed that the cancer cells have disappeared and there was nothing wrong with me. I still use Tian Xian Liquid and I enjoy a happy and healthy life. (Editor’s Note: Mr. Jian still take Tian Xian Liquid in smaller dosage so as to prevent any recurrence)