Liver Cancer Survivor: Health Returns To Me

Taipei, Taiwan, Chen Wumei, 70

There was still no sign of improvement with all treatments

“Mom, it is very likely that you have liver cancer, but the doctor said that you are sure to recover as long as you receive treatment in the hospital. Don’t worry. Let’s pray together..”

When my son told me this, I was not much surprised. I only felt a little sorry. Not for myself but for my family. My youngest son is in charge of the Zhi Yuan Jing Temple of the Taipei Buddhist Association. So every morning, I go there to pray and had acquired some sort of spiritual understanding.

I lost my appetite and felt extremely tired for quite a time. My belly swelled until internal hemorrhage occurred. I was sent to the hospital immediately.

Later, my son told me the doctor’s diagnosis. It was liver cancer at its terminal stage. Besides surgery, all the other chemical treatments failed. I was still in a dangerous situation.

The disease underwent an extremely drastic change in one year

I became a frequent visitor of the hospital for almost half a year. Since my son had some communication with the Nai Liang Temple in Japan. Someone from there, after discovering my disease, told us that there is an anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine called Tian Xian liquid from China and it can be bought in Hong Kong. Seeing me get weaker by the day, my son went to Hong Kong to personally check out this product.

Since my cancer was at the terminal stage, I drank eight bottles of Tian Xian liquid every day and continued doing so for half a year. The examination I had half a year later showed that the cancer cells disappeared. I fully recovered in only one year.

Five years have passed. Not only have I recovered my appetite, but I no longer suffer from insomnia and pain in my joints, which tortured me no end before. Health has returned to me.

My weight, which dropped to 45kg before the operation then 38kg after that,  and is now 52 kg. My son is again beginning to worry. “Mom, you are too fat…..”