Liver Cancer Survivor: A will to Survive helped to overcome Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer Survivor: A will to Survive helped to overcome Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer Survivor - A will to Survive helped to overcome Liver CancerMr. Mo Tsun Lien ( 64, China)

I got cancer in 1993 after I retired from the army. I had lost my appetite and felt my blood pressure rise. I also felt tired and generally felt a sense of unease. At first, I thought it was due to my body adjusting to retirement. But when my health continued to worsen, I decided to go for a medical check-up at Veterans Hospital in Kaoshiung.

The doctor told me clearly that I had malignant cancer. I had to be admitted to undergo surgery right away for the removal of half my stomach and intestines. After the operation, the doctor warned of a chance of relapse. I was to come in for a check-up and cancer treatment every three months.

Six months later, I found myself at the hospital again because of a cancer flare-up. While in the hospital, I read about Tian Xian Liquid in a Hong Kong magazine. I asked a friend in Hong Kong to buy it for me and I started taking it after I was released from the hospital. After about 5 months, I went for another medical exam and the doctor told me that the disease has been converted from malignant to benign.

Before the operation, I weighed 56 kgs, which later dropped to 43 kgs because of the cancer. After taking Tian Xian Liquid for a year, my weight rose to 52 kgs.

I had another medical exam in December 1994. Despite the slight gastric ulcer, there was no transference of cancer. I was substantially cured.

To prevent a relapse, I still take 3 bottles a day. Since my recovery, I went to visit my home village in Fujian Province, where I was born. Not only did I get a new job, but I also got married.