Esophagus Cancer Survivor: A Miracle Recovery

Father of Yogesh S (North Carolina, USA)

This is Yogesh from the United States of America. I would like to tell you of my father`s experience with cancer.

My father was diagnosed with esophagus cancer in October 1998. Esophagus carries food from your mouth to the stomach. Initially, my father planned to have an operation to remove the malignant part of his esophagus.

Dr. A.C. (a doctor in India) performed surgery on the 23rd of November. He found out that cancer has spread to the lungs as well as to the ribs. He was unable to remove the cancer because it was an advanced case of esophagus cancer.

“…the doctor has given my¬†father 6-7 months to live.”

When I talked to the doctor, he has given my father only six to seven months to live. I tried to look for ways to help my father. During a search in the internet, I was able to view the web site of Tian Xian Liquid. My hope was refurnished.

My father is currently taking Tian Xian Liquid since the first week of Dec 98. And after 4 courses, he underwent a barium swallow test to know the status of the tumor. It was awesome, the tumor had been reduced by 70%.

“…tumor had been reduced by 70 %.”

The doctors was simply astonished by looking at the reports.

*Please note: My father did not had any chemo or radiation therapy. He simply took these Tian Xian medicines and fresh juices of Tomato and carrots. Doesn`t that sound surprising?