Esophagus Cancer Survivor: 10cm Esophagus Tumor Gradually Disappeared

Ting Su Ying (70, Hongkong)

I retired 15 years ago to stay home and take care of my grandchildren (of course, to enjoy the rest of my life). I felt there was something wrong with my throat 3 years ago when I vomited.

“…a 10-cm tumor in the middle of my esophagus”

I did not take heed at first but the swallowing problem gradually worsened. My daughter took me for an examination and the X-ray showed that there was a 10-cm tumor in the middle of my esophagus.

The doctor told me that I was too old for surgery so I underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In spite of the treatment I`m undergoing, the swallowing problem persisted and in addition, the side effects of the therapies made me fatigue and nauseous.

Before & after taking Tian Xian Liquid (10cm esophagus tumor disappears)

I felt it was the end of my life. At that time, my son-in-law learned about the anti cancer effect of Tian Xian Liquid and he bought some.
After two weeks of using Tian Xian Liquid, I could take in liquid food. After about a month, all the side effects were gone and I was starting to eat soft food.

“…X-ray showed that the tumor had been reduced by 1/3.”

3 months later, an X-ray examination showed that the tumor reduced by one-third. The doctor was surprised and claimed that it may be the effect of the therapies.

However, I firmly believe that it was the work of Tian Xian Liquid. It`s been 3 years now, I am fully recovered.