The Cancer Terminator: Development of Tian Xian

Wang Zhen Guo, in his book, The Cancer Terminator, describes his life-long interest in medicine and his crusade against cancer using herbal cures.

In the book, Wang describes his early attempts, successes and failures in treating cancer, including an unsuccessful bid to cure his own father-in-law by using the herbal concoction he created called “tian xian” liquid.

Wang also discusses Chinese medical principles, Western medical techniques and cancer in his new book. He chronicles the cure rates he has recorded using the tian xian liquid. Wang discusses the main areas of improvement such as alleviation of dysphagia, anorexia and muscle pains characteristic of esophageal and stomach cancer.

He notes that the National Cancer Institute of the U.S. has tested tian xian and has found it to have significant anti-cancer properties.