Colorectal Cancer Survivor: Masudo Achiyo’s Story

Colorectal Cancer Survivor“I rejoice about today’s happy ending. I made the right decision when I was ill and I had the help of good doctors. Now, I live an active life!”

Masuda Achiyo (Japan)

My colorectal cancer was discovered during my annual health exam. That was in June of 2001 and the test result of my defecation was positive for colorectal cancer. Ten years ago, I had thyroid cancer, but I, who paid more attention to my own health still, couldn’t escape this outcome.

The doctor suggested that I have surgery. But it was not successful because the stitches weren’t done well and caused a festering wound. I had to be hospitalized and suffered a lot of pain. Four months later, I could leave the hospital temporarily to start chemotherapy.

My daughter, who works at a pharmacy, was very worried about the side effects of  chemotherapy. At this time, I remembered that my husband started taking TIAN XIAN LIQUID introduced by his friend after his stomach cancer surgery nine years ago and he has taken it for three years. He recovered completely and his body was healthy and there was no spread or recurrence of cancer.

So, I asked my daughter to search on the internet and purchased TIAN XIAN LIQUID from Hong Kong, hoping that my health would improve as well after taking it. During the six-week chemotherapy treatment, I insisted on taking TIAN XIAN LIQUID, so I didn’t lose my appetite or my hair. I didn’t have other side effects, so the doctor was very surprised at my recovery and I was out of the hospital at the end of November.

In order to prevent cancer from recurring, I kept drinking it.

Like most patients, I went to the hospital for regular examinations such as blood test, ultrasonic wave test, gastroscope and proctoscope etc. All the test results were normal.

Nine years ago, when my husband was about to retire, we looked forward to enjoying our retirement. But then my husband was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer. My daughters and I were very shocked. We hid the truth from him, telling him that he had gastric ulcer. We didn’t tell him the truth until he recovered, but he said he knew already.

At first, he disliked drinking TIAN XIAN LIQUID, but gradually, as he felt its effect and power, he began asking for it. His improvement was huge. He could eat and do other things normally. TXL deserves some credit for us to live such a healthy life.

Besides flowers and karaoke, I am interested in so many things but I don’t have enough free time. I plan to travel to famous places in Shikoku with my friends. Because of this plan, we have to exercise and get in shape. We take walks in the neighborhood, even at night, and we also practice going up and down stairs. Of course, I pay attention to my diet very carefully too. My life is great.

I have so many things I want to do. I rejoice about today’s happy ending. I made the right decision when I was ill and I had the help of good doctors. Now, I live an active life!