Colon Cancer Survivor: Ms. Yang fully recovers from rectal cancer with the help of Tian Xian Liquid

Colon Cancer SurvivorYang Yan, 53
section chief, Labour Bureau
Tong Hua City, Jilin Province


The Mobile Colon Cancer that was Inoperable, was Improved.

It was in 1986 that cancer cells were found in my rectum. I had an operation immediately to remove the tumor. Even though I resumed my normal work load six months later, I later found out that the cancer had spread into the lymph corpuscles of the aorta where the operation could not be done.

I felt hopeless. I thought that I was going to die without having a grandchild. My sons were 21 and 16 years old. If I die, I have to entrust them to my husband, who was a civil servant.

At that time, I learned from the press that Mr. Wang had developed Tian Xian pills available to the general public. I started taking them merely as a desperate act before my death. In just one year, the cancer cells almost completely disappeared.

I was so delighted I was speechless. When Tian Xian Liquid became available, I started taking it regularly for five years.

I have stopped taking Tian Xian Liquid two years ago. No cancer was found in my regular half-yearly check-up. We tend to rely with utmost trust on Chinese medicines, which we are used to taking since childhood.

I believe that my recovery was due to taking Tian Xian pills and Tian Xian Liquid consistently.