Breast Cancer Survivor: Slip Through The Crevice Of the Fingers Of The God Of Death

Byogo County, Lady Efuji, 51


Twelve years ago, I had my breast removed due to breast cancer. Three years after, it metastasized to my uterus and that too was removed. Cancer cells still existed in my body and started to spread to my lungs. The doctor said that if the tumor was not removed, the cancer cells would keep on spreading all over my whole body. I agreed to a third operation as a consequence.

After surgery, I was again admitted to the hospital for anti-cancer drug treatment once a week. It had no effect whatsoever. After a long period of treatment, I felt very tired both mentally and physically. I lost my appetite and lost weight. The CT scan showed that there was still a cancerous tumor in my liver almost 3 cm in size.

The doctor said that even the continuous treatment for liver cancer could not prolong my life any longer. My family then sought the advice of a doctor on traditional Chinese medicine for cancer and accepted the suggestion to take Tian Xian liquid. At that time, I knew nothing of traditional Chinese medicine. Urged by my family members, I began to take Tian Xian liquid.

I remember clearly that it was November 16, 1997. Two weeks after, I did not feel tired any more and my appetite was hearty.

At the beginning of the following year, I continued to drink 20 ml of Tian Xian liquid and went to the hospital every two weeks for my regular medical examination. In the middle of October, test results showed that the cancerous tumor shrunk from 3 cm to 1 cm and my blood tested normal. The doctor was so surprised on my quick recovery.