Breast Cancer Survivor: “I Regained My Health because of Tian Xian Liquid”

Ms. Wang Mi Yun (41, Malaysia)

In 1996, I immediately went for an X-ray examination when I noticed pain in my chest. The doctor said it was a tumor and I should be given special attention. As time passed, the pain increased and the lump on my left breast grew bigger. When I went to the hospital again, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“…side effects diarrhea,
vomiting, lost of appetite
lost of weight and lost of hair”

I followed the doctor`s advise and went thru surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. The side effects that were brought about by the treatments are: diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, loss of weight, and loss of hair.

In March 1997, a friend of my husband learned about Tian Xian Liquid from the Internet. With this referral, we immediately acquired the medicine and started to use it.

“…my husband learned about
TianXian from the

An examination three months after the surgery showed that the surgery was successful and the lymph lump under the armpit had disappeared. The use of Tian Xian Liquid relieved the side-effects of the chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

I regained my appetite and I felt more energetic than before. The most fascinating thing was the rapid re-growth of my hair. Now, I only go to the hospital every 3 months for a medical checkup. To date, the results of each checkup concluded that my condition is normal.

“…only now that I realized the
value of my health”

It is only now that I realized the value of my health. I always thank Tian Xian Liquid. In order to prevent any recurrence, I continually take 20ml of Tian Xian Liquid a day.