Breast Cancer Survivor: “I Can Still Go to Work!”

Ms. Goto Satsuki (40, Japan)

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago, I underwent surgery immediately. The tumor was 1.5cm and the doctor told me not to worry because it was only in the preliminary stages.

However, a recent examination showed that the cancer has already spread to my bone tissue. Further diagnosis concluded that I only have one or two years left on earth. I do not want to be defeated by cancer, so I still to continued to work despite of my condition.

“…cancer has already
spread to my bone tissue”

My husband kept looking for medicine that could cure my disease, he also accompanied me to receive different treatments.

One day, a Chinese friend gave me a few bottles of Tian Xian Liquid. After using it for a few days, my energy levels increased and the feeling of fatigue was relieved. Since then, I continue to use it everyday.

“…my energy level increased
and the feeling of fatigued
was relieved”

For three years now, the cancer cells still remain in my body, but there`s no sign of transfer or spreading. (Editor`s Note: There is still no recent news or updates with Ms. Satsuki`s condition).