100 Cancer Survivors Honors Dr. Wang for his Tian Xian Invention

100 cancer survivors from different parts of the globe gave their appreciation to Dr. Wang. Highly ranked government representatives also joined this event. Dr. Wang is the inventor of Tian Xian; a family of products to help fight against cancer.


General Secretary of the International Cancer Rehabilitation Association, Vice President of Zhenguo Industrial Group announces “Right now I will introduce the honored guests of today’s assembly.” The honored guests sitting in front of the podium are:

  • Vice Chairman of NPC Dawamat
  • Vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Zhao Nanqi
  • Ministry of Health of China
  • State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • State Administration of Radio Film/Television
  • China Association For Science and Technology
  • China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences
  • Chinese Academy of medical sciences
  • Cancer Hospital affiliated to Chinese Academy of medical sciences
  • Cancer Foundation of China.

President of International Cancer Rehabilitation Association and Zhen Guo industrial group made a speech in the meeting. He said, yesterday, after anti – cancer warriors at home (China) and abroad came back home. The first thing they told me was that, “I’m alive, I’m alive”.

The first thing they told me was that, “I’m alive, I’m alive”.

While saying this, their eyes were filled with tears. For a healthy person, the beginning of a new century is not a miracle. But for those anti-cancer warriors, beginning of this new century is the most wonderful thing that could happen to them.

A journalist just asked me, why would you hold a meeting at such a cold weather on January 10th? This is because, January 10th is the 10th anniversary that Jiang Zemin has inspected our firm. Jiang Zemin has said to me, you have contributed to the mankind. I said, I will give a satisfied performance with my work in 10 years.

Today, those surviving anti-cancer warriors are the best proofs for our General Secretary – Jiang Zemin. This is also the best news to those leaders of relevant departments and experts who have supported our Zhenguo Industrial Group.

Today most of those anti-cancer warriors, who participated in our program, have got rid of their surgical and chemotherapy treatments. We used traditional Chinese medicine to fight their disease, which shows that our traditional Chinese medicine has the ability to fight cancer. It’s an honor for our country and our nation.

Meanwhile, in our practice, we found that it’s especially effective to use the combination of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and WM (Western Medicine) for the treatment of cancer. It can significantly improve the cure rate and lifetime.

After recovery, nowadays there are many cancer survivors who would like to donate themselves (their body parts for treatment of others). Like Sun Yujing -after her own rehabilitation, she wants to donate her own corneas, bone marrow, and even her body to others; she wants to contribute to the scientific research. This is such a rare spirit. I hope that each of the anti-cancer warriors could be the best promotion of the spirit of our campaign. We should help those who need help and dedicate our love to the society.

Moreover, we should rescue those who have cancer, but can’t afford to cure it. Meanwhile, we are planning to promote scientific propaganda in 2000, and to promote the knowledge about anti -cancer in the whole society, to facilitate the Tian Xian anti-cancer nutrient.

We have discovered through the research that, Tian Xian anti-cancer nutrient can reduce the incidence of cancer by 56.2%. If the goal of this relief project is achieved, there will be 800,000 Chinese people who will not suffer from cancer, which would save 16 billion in funds for our country. Promoting this to the whole world could be such a huge social benefit. Today, we presented each guest with our first batch of production export of Tian Xian anti-cancer nutrient. I hope you would be selfish to save them for yourself.

There is a song called, “Retaining the root.” I hope, our cancer warriors retain their life, our guests retain their health.