100 Cancer Survivors Parade in front of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square


The 100 cancer survivors parade thru the front of the prestigious seminar hall in Beijing, China. Some of these have come from different parts of the world to give thanks to Dr. Wang — inventor of Tian Xian. They shout “we are alive”.

Cancer Survivors Transcript on Event

Cheer up for life!

Today, they are elated to be at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, with irrepressible joy of rebirth; towards the snowstorm, pulling up a banner titled “We are alive.”

With laughter, with jumping, yes, they are alive; they are the real Superman of life!

The 100 warriors were selected from over a thousand warriors who have been taking Tian Xian series of anticancer drugs from home and abroad.

Out of those 100 warriors, 12 of them are from United States, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand, 88 are from China.

Although they vary in severity and their nationalities are different as well, but they were lucky to survive by taking the Tian Xian series of medication.