Tian Xian Liquid: Usage and Dosage Guidelines (Hypertensive)

For patients with a history of hypertension or high blood pressure, follow these dosage guidelines.



  • It is best to take TXL by sipping or drinking on an empty stomach.
  • It is better to keep the liquid in the mouth for some time, and then swallow slowly.
  • Follow with water after 10 to 20 minutes. If it’s not possible, you may drink water outright.

For stage 1 and stage 2 cancer patients,




Days 1 to 3

5 ml

5 ml

Days 4 to 7

10 ml

10 ml

Days 8 to 10

10 ml

5 ml

10 ml

Day 11 & onwards

10 ml

10 ml

10 ml

For stage 3 and stage 4 cancer patients,

Days 1 to 3 5 ml 5 ml
Days 4 to 7 10 ml 10 ml
Days 8 to 10 10 ml 5 ml 10 ml
Day 11 to 13 10 ml 10 ml 10 ml
Day 14 to 16 10 ml 10 ml 10 ml 5 ml
Day 17 to 20 10 ml 10 ml 10 ml 10 ml
Day 21 & onwards 15 ml 10 ml 15 ml 10 ml

If there is internal bleeding, please stop TIAN XIAN LIQUID temporarily until after the bleeding has stopped.

If diarrhea happens, stop taking the Tian Xian Liquid temporarily. Give the patient ginger tonic (recipe  below). This is because the patient has a ‘cool’ and damp physique, which can be helped by drinking a glass of ginger tonic daily or by adding fresh ginger slices to his meal.

To make ginger tonic, boil 2 glasses of water with 50 grams of fresh ginger slices and 10 pieces of red dates.

Once the patient’s stool is no longer watery but is well formed, you may restart the TIAN XIAN LIQUID as Day 1 and increase the intake up to 30 cc/day — the normal dosage.

But to immediately arrest the growth of the cancer, taking 60 cc daily in the first 3 months works faster. On the 4th month, this may be decreased to 30 cc/day, depending on how substantially reduced the tumor marker turns out to be.




The TIAN XIAN SUPPOSITORY is used for liver detoxification and not for bowel movements. However, if the colon is toxic, it will cause a bowel movement. After the colon toxicity has been reduced, then it will work to detoxify the liver. Please note that the stool will be smellier than normal, and for some, it will be darker or black feces (old stool). In the case of female ovary/uterus cancer, please insert via the vagina.

Insert one TIAN XIAN SUPPOSITORY via the anus or vagina three times a day— once in the morning (after a bowel movement), once at noon (optional for stage 1 & stage 2; necessary for stage 3 and stage 4), and once in the evening (at bedtime).




Start taking TIAN XIAN CAPSULES (#1, 5, 6, or 7) on the 2nd week or the 8th day after taking TIAN XIAN LIQUID (TXL) and using TIAN XIAN SUPPOSITORIES.

Take TIAN XIAN CAPSULES after meals. A full stomach is better. Start at a minimum of 3 pieces. Increase gradually to 6 capsules after each meal. Take the capsules three times a day.

Below is the recommended dosage schedule for taking TIAN XIAN CAPSULE # 1, 5, 6, or 7:

After Breakfast After Lunch After Dinner
8th Day 1 capsule 1 capsule 1 capsule
9th Day 2 capsules 2 capsules 2 capsules
10th Day 3 capsules 3 capsules 3 capsules
11th Day 4 capsules 4 capsules 4 capsules
12th Day 5 capsules 5 capsules 5 capsules
13th Day 6 capsules 6 capsules 6 capsules

Please take note that the maximum dosage for TIAN XIAN CAPSULES is 6 capsules, thrice daily, after each meal. If 2 types of cancer are to be addressed, alternate taking the different capsules. For example, take TXC#1 on even dates and take TXC#5 on odd dates.

Be aware that after taking the capsules, the patient’s urine will have a very strong, odoriferous smell. The stool might also be smellier than normal and, for some, it will be darker or black in color. These are actually signs that the capsules are working.




In the case of a loss of appetite, use VITAL ESSENTIALS to improve your appetite and well-being. The recommended dosage is 10cc in in the morning and 10cc in the evening. Drink before a meal.

If there is pain, use the TIAN XIAN PLASTER. Apply it at night time on the painful area or cancer location — both front and back. Remove it in the morning, after showering.

Note: Due to cancer, the liver, spleen and kidney may malfunction and cause a loss of appetite (cachexia), pleural effusion, ascites and/or edema. This is not a side effect of TIAN XIAN products.

It is important to add:

  • CoQ10, 180-360 mg
  • L CARNITINE, 500-1,000 mg
  • D RIBOSE, 5-10 grams
  • MAGNESIUM, 400-800 mg
  • OMEGA 3 (FISH OIL) 2 grams
  • GARLIC, 1 gram
  • Hawthorne Berry, 1,000- 1,500 mg

Note: In case the patient is taking any ACE or blood thinners, temporarily omit the above. If the patient is low in energy, use alternately with regular medicine.

The information above comes from the book The Sinatra Solution by Stephen T. Sinatra, MD., FACC.




The following foods or nutrients are known to boost the immune system and can lead to a faster recovery: Beans (all kinds, such as green mungo beans, red and white kidney beans, soya beans and others), grains, unpolished rice, sweet potato, yam, cassava, (these root crops are good for constipation and diarrhea), garlic, leeks, onions, ginger, fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower and others) friendly intestinal bacteria from yogurt, lactobacillus, acidophilus, OMX, shark cartilage, soya milk, beta carotene, vitamin Ester C, vitamin A & E, selenium, green tea, mushroom, skinless chicken meat, fish with scales, seaweed, kelp, grape seed extract, CoQ10, barleygreen, wheatgrass juice.



  • GLA (borage or evening primrose oil) – 1.2 grams
  • OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS (flaxseed oil) – 3.5 grams
  • VITAMIN C – 3 grams (per Linus Pauling 10 grams is better)
  • VITAMIN E – 2,500 IU
  • SELENIUM – 400 mcg
  • CO-ENZYME Q10 – 390 mcg

For a natural source of vitamin C, take Chinese wolfberry fruit. It has 500 times more vitamin C than oranges.

Liver support — for every 50 lbs or 22.5 kg of body weight — take the following three times a day:*

  • 300 mg alpha lipoic acid
  • 300 mg curcumin
  • 300 mg milk thistle extract

To improve kidney function, take KIDNEY FORMULA or LIU WEI DI HUANG WAN (8 pellets, thrice daily). It is recommended that the patient take this during the entire course of the cancer treatment. It  will help avoid protein leakages in the urine. This prevents edema, ascites or pleurisy. A fully functional kidney expels all body wastes. Recycled waste causes lymph nodes to swell with toxins, and they may become cancerous.

A DIGESTIVE ENZYME supplement is necessary to assist the liver and pancreas. Enzymes will help the body maximize vitamins and minerals. It will help digest food, dissolve (unmask) the fibrin or protective protein shell of a cancer cell. This is for the immune system to identify and destroy.

Drinking fresh fruit or vegetable juice supplies enzymes and, at the same time, alkalinizes the acidity stored in the cells. Although it might seem that citrus fruits would have an acid effect on the body, the citric acid they contain actually has an alkaline effect on the system, converting to carbon dioxide and water.

Squeeze half a lemon — or calamansi — into warm water and drink it to detoxify and help make the blood more alkaline. Eating acidic fruits or vegetables does not raise but rather lowers the acidity of the body’s fluids, thereby helping prevent acidosis, which is a cause of diseases.

Drink fresh coconut water. It is alkaline. Coconut water has small amounts of “electrolyte” minerals – mainly sodium but also potassium – and carbohydrates (sugars). According to the research of Dr. Enderlein, total healing of chronic illnesses will only happen if the blood is restored to a normal, slightly alkaline pH. It is of incredible importance to someone who is fighting a disease, overcoming an illness, or just desiring to feel better. Your body pH Affects EVERYTHING.

Human blood stays in a very narrow pH range of around 7.35 (slightly alkaline). Below or above this range can signal symptoms and disease.

Two-time Nobel laureate Dr. Otto Warburg of Germany won his first Nobel Prize for his discovery of oxygen deficiency in the CANCER growth process. As stated above, when pH is off and our bodies are running more acid, our cells are getting less oxygen. Cancer thrives under an acid tissue pH/oxygen deficient environment.

When the pH is off, microorganisms in the blood can change shape, mutate, become pathogenic, and thrive. When pH is off, ENZYMES that are constructive can become destructive. When pH is off, OXYGEN delivery to cells suffer. Low oxygen delivery to cells is a major factor in most if not all degenerative conditions.

When the blood pH level begins to drop, the body immediately supplies it with mineral nutrients. If the body is mineral deficient, it quickly steals the required mineral nutrients from the important, but less critical, saliva. Most of the mineral nutrients are in the form of alkaline salts. Therefore, due to the removal of alkaline nutrients from the saliva, the acid level goes up, meaning that its pH drops below the natural 7.4.

To test this theory, first test the saliva pH of healthy children, and adults. Those who are obviously healthy will get a bright blue result with a pH of 7.5. Adults who are not feeling well or who are experiencing some minor health problems will get a green result, with a pH of 6.0 to 6.5. Those  who have major health problems will get a yellow-green result, with a pH of 5.0 to 6.0– this means that one already is suffering from a major disease, such as diabetes, arthritis, or heart disease. Those with terminal illnesses will get a bright yellow result, with a pH of 4.5 to 5.0—as is evident among cancer and late-stage AIDS patients. An individual with a body pH of 4.5 is 1,000 times more acidic than a healthier individual with a body pH of 7.5. Use a pH test paper to determine one’s saliva pH.

Cancer cells are acidic. Acidity is what makes cancer cells aggressive. Open breast cancer wounds would sting with pain when calcium is applied. This is because the acids are being neutralized by the more alkaline calcium. In due time, continued application of calcium will help in the treatment of the cancer.

Lack of nutrients causes body fluids to become acidic, thereby resulting in disease. Take steps towards keeping all of your body fluids alkaline and healthy. The most important nutrient is the sun on the skin. At least one hour each day, the sun must strike the pituitary gland located behind the eyes. Supplements of minerals (especially Calcium) will also help reduce acidity.

Drink 3 to 10 8 oz. glasses of water daily.

Prepare juice drinks with ½ beetroot, ½ carrot, ½ green apple withseed, 1 stalk celery, 3 spears asparagus, ½ cucumber and 2 leaves lettuce. Drink it as soon as it is made. (Optional: add 3 cloves garlic, ½ onion)

DETOXIFICATION by coffee enema accelerates the healing process by removing the toxins in the body. Exercising, massages and — believe it or not — laughing out loud are beneficial.



Type of cancer and their probable causes due to CARCINOGENS:

Leukemia Exposure to pesticides, herbicides, toxic chemicals, flowering agents.
Lung Cancer Sprays (hair spraynet, disinfectants, air freshener), tobacco.
Liver Cancer Barbecued, grilled, charred, or smoked meat.
Nasopharyngeal Cancer Cured, salted, or dried fish.
Kidney Cancer Overeating MSG and instant noodle seasonings, junk food, and  condiments and sauces heavy with MSG.
Pancreatic Cancer Spoiled peanuts, molds (which are aflatoxins)
Breast Cancer Auto-intoxication by constipation and HRT
Ovarian Cancer Excess estrogen from hormone-fed chicken and junk food

Avoid the following, which will AGGRAVATE the cancer: shellfish — mussels, oysters, crabs, baby crabs (talangka), shrimps, prawns. Fish sauces (bagoong), chicken skin (toxin content), excess red meat (beef), chili, and alcoholic drinks. Omit sugar completely (it feeds the cancer). Refined flours (bread) turn into glucose in the body.

Avoid stress, anxiety, worry, anger and negative thoughts. Be happy, cheerful, forgiving, worry-free. Practice laughing, exercise daily, etc.

WARNING! Cancer will recur when exposed to toxic chemicals, such as pesticides. Even a whiff of insecticides for a few minutes will trigger it and revive it again.

Some helpful herbal products (from “MIRACLE CURES” by JEAN CARPER):

  • Grape seed extract and/or pycnogenol serves as protection for blood vein, varicose, edema, ascites.
  • Milk thistle is good for liver nourishment. This will help clean the blood of toxins.
  • Kava Kava is a good replacement for sleeping pills
  • St. John’s Wort is a good anti-depressant.




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