Patient on Chemotherapy / Radiation Theraphy

Please find below the recommended Tian Xian products for Patients undergoing Chemotherapy / Radiation Therapy:



US$1,388.00/set (60 vials x 20cc)

US$470.00/box (20 vials x 20cc/box) – Starter Set

Tian Xian Liquid helps address the following in the cancer patient:
A. Strengthens and improves the immune system;
B. Detoxifies/removes the toxins from the body. Detoxification is generally accomplished through sweating, bowel movement, urination and breathing processes;
C. Improves the blood circulation.
These three should complete the cycle in the cancer healing process.  The immune system has to be strong enough to attack the cancer cells.  Once the immune system attacks the cancer cells, it becomes debris. This debris become toxic and will be circulation with the blood. This maybe causing vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, discomfort. We will need to flush out of the body (detoxify) this garbage.


TIAN XIAN CAPSULE NO. 3 (180 capsules/box)


This will help protect the bone marrow, modulate and balance the blood compositions (WBC, RBC and PLATELETS), and help reduce the toxic side effects of chemo and radiation therapies. The WBC, RBC and PLATELETS will not drop precipitously as is normal when one undergoes chemo. This will be taken a week before chemo/radiation until 3 weeks after the treatment.

If there are budgetary constraints, one can start with the Tian Xian Capsules, then, take the more potent Tian Xian Liquid when able to afford. Should one be financially capable, then, it is best to take the Tian Xian Liquid, in combination with the Tian Xian Capsules.


Click HERE for dosage guidelines for patients with no history of hypertension or high blood pressure.

Click HERE for dosage guidelines for patients with history of hypertension or high blood pressure.


An additional supplement that can be taken is PIEN TZE HUANG (LINK). It is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine that is used extensively used as a therapeutic drug in the treatment of liver diseases.