Lung Cancer Survivor: Tumor Completely Gone!

Wang Zhou Hong

Male / 70 years old / Lung Cancer / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


My doctor suggested doing an X-ray examination in March 1997. He said it was advisable for old people to do regular check-ups so that diseases could be discovered and treated early.

My March X-ray examination revealed that I had a 3 cm x 2 cm tumour in my left lung, but the doctor was not sure whether it was benign or malignant. However, I need a biopsy sample and the tumour had to be surgically removed. I was old and hoped to be treated with anti-cancer drugs lest I would not survive the operation. In May, when I learnt that Prof. Wang Zhen Guo, the inventor of Tian Xian, was coming to Malaysia for a free consultation service, I went to see him. Confirming the lung tumour, Prof. Wang suggested taking Tian Xian Liquid and Tian Xian Pill No.5 and using Tian Xian Cream.

After taking the products for 5 weeks, I went for a check-up on June 23rd 1997. The X-ray examination revealed that the tumour had shrunk to 1.5 cm, half the original size. My appetite improved and so did my strength. Hence I continued taking Tian Xian Liquid with the hope of getting rid of the tumour completely. On October 25th 1997, when I went back to the hospital for a check-up, the doctor told me the lung tumour had disappeared. I was so happy! I must thank Prof. Wang for the miraculous pain-free prescription. Though the tumour is gone, I continue taking Tian Xian Liquid at a lower dosage to prevent a relapse.

Not completely satisfied, I went for another check-up on March 2nd 1998. The report came back stating again that ‘everything is normal’.