Lung Cancer Survivor: Lung Cancer Disappeared in 5 Months

Mr. Heng Chew Hong (63, Malaysia)

In March 1997, my doctor urged me to have my annual checkup. He said that it is a good habit for elderly people to maintain a regular annual medical check up.

“…that a 3X2 cm `shadow`
was found in my left lung.”

It was during this check up that a 3 X 2 cm `shadow` was found in my left lung. The doctor suspected that it was a tumor and a biopsy is necessary to find out whether it was benign or malignant. The result of the biopsy would also determine if a surgery is necessary.

I was worried that I`m not strong enough to undergo surgery. Hence, I started to look for a medicine treatment in order to prevent surgery.

In May 1997, I heard that Mr. Wang Zhen-Guo (a famous anti-cancer herbalist) would come to Malaysia to provide free consultation for cancer patients.

I was able to consult Mr. Wang with my condition and he prescribed Tian Xian Liquid, Tian Xian Capsule #5 and Tian Xian Plaster. He recommended the treatment for at least one course.

“…indicated the the tumor
was reduced by half.”

The X-ray exam on June 23, 1997, indicated that the size of the tumor was reduced by half to 1.5cm. I was shocked by the result as I did not expect this miracle.

I was very satisfied. During the course of the treatment, I felt that I was more energetic and developed a good appetite. I followed Mr. Wang‘s prescription and continued with Tian Xian Liquid. I hope that the tumor in my lung will one day disappear totally.

“…I am very happy that Mr.Wang gave
anti cancer treatment.”

The X-ray as of October 25, 1997, showed that the tumor has totally diminished. My dream was fulfilled. I am very happy that Mr. Wang offered me a SUFFERING-FREE anti-cancer treatment.

Even though the tumor was gone, I still continue with Tian Xian Liquid at a smaller dosage to prevent any relapse.

“…confirmed that the cancer was
is not there anymore!.”

The X-ray on March 2, 1998, confirmed that the cancer is not there anymore!