Lung Cancer Survivor: I Went to Work Right After Recovery

Mr. Yamdad Kimihiko (41, Japan)

(Wife speaking): “My husband received a surgery for thyroid cancer in November 1983. In 1992, it was revealed that the cancer had spread to his lungs, brain and neck.
Surgery followed, however, it was simply impossible to remove the cancer cells as it has already infected both lungs. The doctor told me that my husband could only live for 3 to 4 years more.

“…The doctor told me that my
husband could only lived for
3 to 4 years more.”

Since 1995, he was able to gain back some energy, but he lost his voice sometime during winter. February 1996, blood was discovered in his phlegm and he was then confined in the hospital.

I kept thinking of other ways to help my husband. I then remembered Tian Xian Liquid, so I quickly looked into the details. After discovering that the rate of effectiveness of Tian Xian Liquid was 80%, I decided to place all of my hope on it.

My husband had no faith in this medicine and he simply refused to try any Chinese medicine as he already had a lot of it. Tian Xian Liquid became my last hope, so I really urged him to try this treatment.

“…Tian Xian Liquid
became my last hope…”

Finally, he agreed and started to take eight bottles a day during his stay in the hospital (1 bottle = 10cc). Noticeably, his condition began to improve and we were able to leave the hospital.

After 10 days of continuous usage, the bloody phlegm ceased, chest pain then disappeared after another week. He regained both his voice and his energy and he was able to went back to work very soon. Although the cancer is still there, his condition is very stable.” (Note: No recent news yet about the status of Mr. Kimihiko`s cancer)