Lung Cancer Survivor: I can now say that Tian Xian Liquid is Really Effective

Ms. Ishikawa Hideko (67, Japan)

(Husband speaking) My wife was diagnosed with lung cancer in July 1997 and according to the doctor, surgery was not possible. She underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. The doctor then said that she had no more than a year to live.

“…no more than a year to lived.”

After undergoing stage four chemotherapy in October, my wife grew weaker from the side effects to the extent that she could not withstand it. Approximately 20% of the cancer was still left.

Radiotherapy treatment was resumed in late October when there were signs of recurrence. The therapy continued until December, however, the cancer was still there.

Her condition improved and she was released from the hospital late December. In May 1998, an examination showed cancer cells had already spread to her brain. She was hospitalized immediately to receive chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.

“…showed cancer cell had
already spred to her brain..”

After the treatment (June), the cancer was still in her lung and brain. In consideration of my wife`s physical condition, the doctor told us that no more therapy should be given. In other words, it was hopeless.

We learned about Tian Xian Liquid from a news report and I immediately got into the details. After a quick order, I gave my wife 2 bottles (1 bottle = 10cc) a day. The reason why I gave her only half of the standard dosage was because she suffered from gastritis which resulted from building pressure.

I increased the dosage to four bottles in June and her stomach pain receded.

“…the brain cancer had dissapeared.”

An examination in July examination concluded that her lung cancer was still present but the brain cancer had disappeared. Frankly speaking, China No. 1 Tian Xian Liquid was not the only medication we had tried. For my wife, I had tried almost everything, but the result was in vain.

China No. 1 Tian Xian Liquid is really amazing: it destroy and inhibit the growth of cancer. Based on what happened to my wife, I can now say that Tian Xian Liquid is really effective.

“…I can now say that
Tian Xian Liquid
is really effective.”

After a month or so, we were really surprised to find out that the cancer on her brain has already disappeared.

To date, the brain cancer is gone, but the lung cancer is still there (Editor`s note: No recent news about the status of the lung cancer).

“…continue to use
Tian Xian Liquid to prevent
the regression of the cancer…”

We still continue to use Tian Xian Liquid to prevent the regression of the cancer and to improve energy. Starting August, we also included Tian Xian Capsule No. 3 to her medication.

She left the hospital in mid August and we took the doctor`s advice to use stomach medication in combination with China No. 1 Tian Xian products.

I thank Tian Xian for saving the life of my wife!