Lung Cancer Survivor: Defeating Lung Cancer and Living Everyday to the Fullest!

Feng Ya Mei

Female / 54 years old / Lung Cancer
 / Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

I found some blood in my sputum whenever I coughed in July 2001. Agitated, I went to the hospital for a check-up the next day, and the doctor confirmed I had 3rd stage right lung cancer. Later I underwent chemotherapy for a month.

I was weak, listless and lethargic all the time. I lost my appetite and lost interest in everything. My sister recommended TXL to me so I tried it, thinking that it might help. After taking TXL for some time, I discovered that my strength and spirit had returned to normal, just like what I used to be before I had cancer. I followed the doctor’s instruction and went for regular check-ups. They found my right lung to be clean and there was no metastasis. The finding was substantiated by all subsequent check-ups.

Now I am taking Tian Xian Essence (Tian Xian Vital Essential) to regulate my immune system, improve my strength and stamina as well as retard aging and prevent cancer. In addition, I exercise quite a bit and eat only healthy food. I live everyday happily and to the fullest!