Liver Cancer Survivor: Terminal Case of Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer Survivor - Terminal CaseLiver Cancer Survivor: Terminal Case of Liver Cancer

Mr. R. Bustillio
Seattle, WA USA

I was diagnosed at first with a tumor on my liver after several CT Scan, then was referred to a medical surgeon for a surgery to remove the malignant tumor on my liver or a cancer. However, the surgeon refused to perform a surgery to remove the cancer on my liver with the findings that the cancer spread already. I was told also that a chemo therapy treatment will only ease the pain of my cancer illness but not a treatment.

I made a search in the internet any kind of alternate treatment for my cancer, until I found a herbal medicine namely Tian Xian #6 which is appropriate for my cancer on my liver. I was then told by my surgeon to have a terminal cancer last October 2001 to survive for a year or less. Now it is already more than a year and three months I’m still around surviving I can feel thru the good effects of Tian Xian #6 working good on me of which I will continuously take to extend my life.