Liver Cancer Survivor: I Cannot Recall The Time When I Was Lying In Bed With Disease

Lady Hirashima, 53
Hiroshima County

I erroneously thought of myself as fully recovered

Two years ago, a polyp was found in my large intestine. I agreed for surgery to remove it. I did not take the small polyp seriously, and as I was leaving the hospital, the doctor assured me that the malignant part had been removed. To take precautions, however, he suggested that I take 3 anti-cancer pills every day. If nothing goes wrong in two years time, it means that I am fully recovered. I was relieved by this information and, indeed, the first examination I had after my operation yielded no negative results. I thought then that I was really fully recovered.

One year after the operation, it came as a surprise that I was found to have cancer cells metastasized to other parts of my body including my liver. I was shocked and could not make any comment. I went through radiation treatment and I realized that if I keep on ignoring my illness, I could lose my life one day.

It so happened that my daughter brought me a book written by Dr. Wang Zhengguo to the hospital. I read each paragraph and each chapter attentively. Upon leaving the hospital, I immediately took hold of Tian Xian liquid and started on my healing regimen. The following examination did not show any abnormality in my body. In other words, I was very healthy so I returned to work.

Now, I take Tian Xian liquid 6 times a week. No matter how busy I am, I never forget to put 3 bottles of it in the pocket of my uniform while intoning that Tian Xian liquid “helps improve my immunity”. Aside from this, I drink a big cup of juice mixing root-tuber of aromatic turmeric (granule), citric acid, carrot, banana, milk and sesame.

Not only was my life saved, but my mind too

Now, both my excretion and appetite are excellent. My strength and mental state are satisfactory. The preceding two years seem like a nightmare in my mind. When I was in the hospital, I once asked a nurse, “Can I return to normal life after the treatment is finished?” She told me that once cancer has metastasized, majority of the patients are regularly sent to the hospital again and again.

I did not expect this nurse to say something so insensitive to a nervous, frustrated patient. I was filled with anger and thought that by no means will I live in this hospital and see this nurse again.

At that time, I could not sleep before or after an examination. When family members talked about the Spring Festival or the Pure Brightness, I was obsessed with the thought of whether I shall live long enough to share these events with them. Listening to others say such hurting words, I could not help losing my temper that I would spend my whole day in a foul mood.

Frankly speaking, Tian Xian liquid not only saved my life but it also helped me keep my sanity. My gratitude to Tian Xian liquid is beyond words.