Liver Cancer Survivor: Continue using Tian Xian Liquid to Prevent Recurrence of Liver Cancer

Ms. Namiki Hide (78, Japan)

In November 1995, an ultrasound examination on my wife showed a (tumor). A CT scan in January (1996) found a 4 x 4cm liver tumor.

She went to the hospital to receive the suppository treatment because she was too old to undergo surgery. However, none of the treatments worked and she was discharged in April.

We then learned of Tian Xian Liquid from a news article and we immediately purchased it. A week has passed since my wife was confined in the hospital when the Tian Xian Liquid arrived.

“…she fully recovered in 2 weeks.”

She then began to take Tian Xian Liquid together with the suppository treatment. She was fully recovered within 2 weeks.

A month later an examination showed that the size of the tumor was reduced. Due to her old age, we didn`t follow the doctor`s advise of continuing the suppository treatment. Instead, we continued to gave her Tian Xian Liquid.

“…but it later recurred.”

A checkup concluded that the tumor had disappeared. In fact, we stopped giving her Tian Xian Liquid for almost two years after her recovery, but it later recurred.

Now, we`re using the suppository treatment and Tian Xian Liquid. Liver cancer does recurs very easily, so I still give her two bottles of Tian Xian Liquid a day (1 bottle = 10cc).

“We believed that her success
is attributed to Tian Xian Liquid.”