Liver Cancer Survivor: 3 Tumors were Detected

Liver Cancer Survivor - 3 Tumors were DetectedName Unavailable (Taiwan)

Son speaking (middle):

On my left hand side is my respectable father. My loving mother is on my right hand side. My parent`s feeling to each other is good. Three and a half years ago my mother was shocked when she was diagnosed as having liver cancer.

“Three tumors were detected.”

Three tumors were detected and the largest one was bigger than 10 cm. One of the tumors swelled up and bleed and the abdomen consequently puffed up. Thus, my mother fainted and was sent to the Ma-Chien hospital emergency room.

The doctor said she was in serious condition and decided to operate at once. I remember I felt very nervous. The operation should be executed with the permission and the signature of the family. I remember my father`s hand was trembling as he signed the paper.

“…it was a real nightmare.”

It was a real nightmare as I looked back. After the operation, someone introduced the Tian Xian Liquid to us. It really had a great effect in treating cancer. I asked my mother to take the Tian Xian Liquid with much gratefulness and strong confidence.

After taking it for three and a half years, she has completely recovered from cancer. My family is again full of joy. I really wish from the bottom of my heart that all of cancer patients may recover and enjoy their lives in the future.

“I wish all people will be well and happy soon.”