LINITIS PLASTICA – Alternative Treatment

Linitis Plastica

A rare type of stomach cancer that begins in the lining of the stomach and spreads to the muscles of the stomach wall. This causes the wall of the stomach to become thick, hard, and rubbery, which leads to trouble digesting food. Also called gastric scirrhous carcinoma.

A woman with pancreas cancer had linitis plastica. She cannot eat or drink. Whatever she drinks is vomited back up. She also cannot make bowel movements. She uses TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) for her sustenance.

For this problem, she was only given drops of the following:
1. Enzymes Endosip

She also used TIAN XIAN SUPPOSITORY. After 3 days, the doctors were surprised that she had a bowel movement. The above items also helped resolve the problem of stomach rigidity.