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Boundless Hope

Why did we choose Tien Hsien Liquid

Once it is confirmed that what you are suffering from is cancer of the urinary bladder, it is impossible to accurately describe the fear and alarm that you feel. Like most people in this situation, besides seeking normal medical treatment at the hospital (what the Chinese call “western medicine” in contrast to traditional Chinese herbal medicine), we also hurriedly searched for “alternative treatment”. We surfed the Internet, friends made recommendation…and so on. At this time, it seemed like all kinds of information and folk cures sprang up. Confronting all of this, we selected Tien Hsien Liquid and Tian Xian Capsules off the Internet from the web site based in the States. We just had a gut feeling that this really was the alternative treatment that we were searching for even though none of our friends had heard of it. Once the decision was made, we immediately went back on the Internet to make an on-line purchase. However, much to our surprise, the credit card that we were holding was not acceptable. Without hesitating we pulled out another credit card to make the purchase. After receiving the Tien Hsien Liquid and Tian Xian Capsule, we learned from reading the information provided on Feida’s web site that the inventor and founder of the company, Mr. Wang Zhen Guo, developed Tien Hsien Liquid in response to helped many others suffering from cancer. It clears that others suffering should also have someone at their side to help them and could acquire the best care and enhance their quality of life. In the real-life true story about to unfold below, you will realize that China-Japan Feida Company has done just this.

Why choose Tien Hsien Liquid?

It seems that this is the “Law of Attraction” at work. After discovering the cancer and thinking of others in the same situation, we began to donate money to various charitable organizations in the hope of helping as many peoples as we could. We believed that if you helped others in need then certainly someone would appear on the scene to help you when you were in need. Even though we were not on a par with Mr. Wang Zhen Guo, who was able to develop Tien Hsien Liquid, our spirit was the same. Thus, without realizing it, we and the Feida Company were drawn together. This must have been why we chose Tien Hsien without the least reservation.

Frightful Experience

This time it was not someone else who was suffering from cancer, it was our “doggie”. Her name is Yuan-Yuan and she is close to twelve years of age. About a year ago, she began to show some abnormalities when urinating. Normally, her daily routine was to urinate once in the morning and once in the evening. Then suddenly, she started to increase the number of times she should urinate at night. Also, she seemed to be losing weight. We took her to our “family” vet, the neighborhood animal hospital where we had been taking her since she was a puppy. They took X-rays and confirmed that she did not have a bladder or kidney stone. They did blood tests and confirmed that her liver and kidney functions were normal. The vet concluded that she had an infection and gave her some medicine to take. She took the medicine for two weeks. Her symptoms persisted but did not worsen. She continued on like this for almost a year. One day a friend recommended another animal hospital that was reputed to specialize in examination by palpation. The diagnosis was that she had a chronic bladder infection and they gave her medicine to take for ten day. Still there was no improvement in her condition. When she started to take the medicine for the second ten-day course of treatment, a frightful thing happened. Yuan-Yuan was totally unable to urinate. It was really scary. Unlike a person, she could not talk and tell us what was wrong. Fortunately, we normally paid very close attention to her every move and as soon as we felt something wasn’t just right, we immediately whisked her over to the animal hospital. The vet diagnosed that she could not urinate and right then and there put a catheter up her urinary tract in order to allow her to pass urine and she was able to pass 500c.c.’s of urine. No wonder she was so restless and uneasy. Just think, how could such a small dog (she only weighed 11 kg) fill up her little bladder with 500 c.c.’s of urine. They took X-rays again and reconfirmed that she didn’t have a bladder or kidney stone. Again the diagnosis was that she had a chronic bladder infection. This time besides taking medicine, her treatment also consisted of having a catheter put up her urinary tract twice a day, once in the morning and again at night, so that she could pass urine. Each time she was able to pass around 500 c.c.’s urine until one day an even more frightful thing occurred. She was unable to pass urine even with the catheterization. Oh, my God! To see her on the operating table with her four legs tied up, continuously squirming and struggling out of fear of the catheterization. Her vagina was bleeding as the tube was stuck up her urinary tract several times to no avail. She just could not pass urine. What could we do? By now, it was after 11 o’clock at night anddies in individrals tracted for testicularcancer. Iium Reprod, 1990;5(3):286Kamiguchi Y, Tateno H, Shimada M. et al. X-ray induced chromosome aberrations in human spermatozoa. In:Mohri H, ed, New Horizons in Sperm Cell Research. New York:Japan Sci Soc preminoma and associated radiotherapy. Environ Mol Mutagen, 1987;9(Suppl 8):human sperm. 1,First results with a modified method. Hum Genet, 1987;76:385Genesca A, Miro R, Caballin MR, et al.Sperm chromosome stuvirommental and molecular mutagensis, 1990:16:85-103Ehrenberh L and Bowman Ko. Tables for determining the statistical significance of mu. We told we wouldn’t give up and we began making telephone calls frantically looking for someone who could help. Yuan-Yuan was very fortunate. We found someone who could help. From directory assistance, we located Dr. Yeh, a surgeon at the National Taiwan University Animal Hospital. According to this instructions over the phone, Yuan-Yuan was able to get through that horrible if not dangerous night. The next morning he scheduled an operation for her. Dr. Yeh reviewed the X-rays and told us that he suspected a tumor. He had Yuan-Yuan undergo an ultrasound scan and then decided to do an operation. The results of the operation verified that it was cancer and furthermore, that the cancer was located in the trigonal area of the bladder, an area that could not be surgically removed. He fit Yuan-Yuan with a urinary tract catheter to gain time to do chemotherapy. Yuan-Yuan’s little belly now had a long scar from the operation and using a catheter to urinate, she would continuously drip urine wherever she walked (unlike people, dogs aren’t fit with a bag to collect the urine). It’s hard to describe how this deteriorates quality of life. We didn’t have the heart to put her in a cage because she had never been in a cage before. She always had free roam of the house. We thought of many ways to improve her quality of life and finally discovered that the best way was to have her use adult diapers. Now, we could even take her outside and she seemed to smile again and looked as if she had forgotten about all of the physical and psychological trauma she had gone through in recent days.

Encouragement and Help form Feida Company

Our interaction with Feida Company began by logging on to the web site based in the U.S. and sending and e-mail to ask how our dog should use Tien Hsien Liquid and Tian Xian Capsules to best advantage. We received an answer in short order. However, we were told that they would have to ask the general manager in the Philippines since they had no record in the States regarding dogs using the products. We sent another e-mail thanking them for the quick reply and to express how anxious we were to get a definitive answer. At the same time, we also placed an order for Tien Hsien Liquid and Tian Xian Capsule #3 and Capsule #7. About a day later we received another e-mail explaining the proper dosage for Yuan-Yuan, usage and other points we should pay attention to. Even though we still had not yet received the Tien Hsien Liquid and the Tian Xian Capsules, this brief and concise e-mail contained valuable information and more importantly represented a certain professionalism in providing explicit suggestions as to the correct dosage and usage for Yuan-Yuan. We let out a collective sigh of relief, we were beginning to feel like Yuan-Yuan now had a better-than-even chance of survival. We hoped that Yuan-Yuan could start taking Tien Hsien Liquid as soon as possible and to that end, we immediately made a phone call to the U.S. distributor to track the whereabouts of our incoming package. They told us that there might be problems with customs when a package is sent from the Philippines, and that they would handle our request as quickly as possible. Unexpectedly, the very next day we received the package. It was mailed directly form Hong Kong. We learned from reading the enclosed brochure that there was a toll-free phone number for the Taiwan area. We called the number and the Feida personnel at the other end gave us even more complete information. We felt that we now had someone whom we could truly rely on. We would no longer be alone in our battle with cancer.

Yuan-Yuan at Present

After her operation, she was transferred from surgery to the department of oncology at the veterinary hospital. The vet recommended immediate treatment by chemotherapy. However, at the time the only chomotherapeutic medicine they had at the hospital was extremely injurious to the kidney. We decided to put off the chemotherapy treatment until the hospital acquired new medicine, Cabonplatin, that was less harmful to the kidney and which they had recently applied for through bureaucratic channels. Besides the tumor, Yuan-Yuan’s susceptibility to urinary tract infections was a major headache for us. The bacteria in her urinary tract had already built up an immunity to all of the antibiotics the vet attempted to use. The vet recommended that we try to feed her prescription dog food that would make her urine more acidic, thereby creating a chemical environment in which the bacteria could not survive. She refused to eat it so the only thing left to do was to give her pills to acidify her urine and mitigate the infection. By now, she had been fit with the urinary tract catheter for two weeks and still no sign of when the hospital would acquire the new chemotherpaeutic medicine we were anxiously waiting for. The vet was concerned that having the catheter in her urethra for this long (usually this procedure is only used for three days) made her even more susceptible to urinary tract infections. He decided to remove the catheter to avoid the possibility of this causing any unwanted infections. At this time, she was taking piroxicam, a painkiller that had also been clinically proven to be effective in reducing bladder tumors, in dosages of 2 mg in conjunction with an antacid to protect her stomach. In addition to this, we were giving her a daily regimen of 6 c.c.’s of Tien Hsien Liquid, the enhanced-formula version. This was well less than the recommended dosage of 18 c.c.’s because Yuan-Yuan just flat refused to take any medicine and it was a garganturn struggle just to give her 6 c.c. of the liquid. We also were giving her 6 capsules of Tian Xian Capsule #7, although the recommended dosage of this was 3 capsules. We wanted to increase the dosage of capsules in order to compensate for the smaller amount of liquid she was ingesting.

Yuan-Yuan underwent her first session of chemotherapy around the end of May using 150 mg of Carboplatin administered intravenously. After the chemotherapy, she took the following medicine twice daily: 250 mg of Cephalexin, 10 mg of Furosemide and 5 mg of Urecholine. Two weeks following the chemotherapy she started taking Tian Xian Capsule #3. Since her appetite markedly decreased after undergoing chemotherapy, we decided to stop giving her all of the medicine specified above. However, in contrast we will continue to give Tien Hsien Products. Now her daily regimen became 10 c.c.’s of Tien Hsien Liquid and 3 capsules of Tian Xian Capsule #7 (we reduced the dosage of Capsule #7 since she hadn’t fully regained her appetite). We also gave her other Chinese herbal medicine specifically to control her urinary tract infections.

After one session of chemotherapy, Yuan-Yuan seems listless and has no appetite. Sometimes she throws up the medicine she has ingested. It makes you feel like you have a lump in you heart to see her like this. We found that Tien Hsien Liquid helped a lot in this situation. It’s been a month since the chemotherapy, during this time we have stopped giving her the medicine prescribed by the veterinarian while increasing her dosage of Tien Hsien Liquid. This has had the effect of reducing her vomiting and gradually improving her appetite. She also seems to be more energetic than before.

From Yuan-Yuan’s operation to her chemotherapy, we’ve really learned a lot along the way. We’ve come up with an effective medicine and worked out the proper dosage for Yuan-Yuan. It is critically important to closely observe her passing urine. Watching her activity level, whether her appetite is good or bad and whether she has energy or not and seems to be more or less playful all provides a daily index form which we can monitor the state of her illness. We frequently take litmus tests of her urine at home to monitor the level of acidity. It needs to be slightly acidic in order to best prevent the occurrence of urinary tract infections. We also take her on routine visits to the animal hospital for follow-up urine tests and blood tests so that the team of veterinarians can continue to monitor and control the growth of her tumor.

Friends who haven’t seen Yuan-Yuan recently all think that she must be very weak and emaciated by now. But, once they’ve actually seen her they all think she can’t possibly be suffering from cancer. Although she’s somewhat skinnier than before, she’s still a little on the plump side. The coloring of her fur has gotten darker and the gleam in her eye has returned. Everybody says she’s getting prettier.

Our Motivation for Writing this Composition

Surely something similar to Yuan-Yuan’s story, only with different characters in a different setting, is happening at a moment’s notice all around us. We hope that our experience can be of help to those who are aimlessly and desperately searching. By writing in tow languages (Chinese and English), we wish to use this opportunity to allow as many people as possible know that there is a chance for survival, that they too can have unbridled hope in their fight against cancer.
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